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Freemax Marvos RTA Pod – one of the most “serious” serviceable cartridges

The second novelty promised also occurred in the Freemax vape company camp. We usually don’t divide Pod into separate articles, but this is a special case. First of all, the manufacturer is launching the device in a solo voyage, read the Freemax Marvos Kit.

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Second, we hope that later this project will be fully converted into a mature non-service, usually using the 510th connector. However, why the developers did not do this in the first place is absolutely incomprehensible.

So, the cartridge does not look very common-it looks more like an ordinary tank. The only fundamental difference is the non-standard connector.

The size is quite large-especially the diameter. The Marvos RTA starts with only one version-steel.

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Airflow regulation is naturally present – a swivel ring at the top of the RTA vape hearth. As you guessed correctly, the siphon construct is implemented here, which is a very useful option.

The deck is unexpectedly sharpened under the net. We are already familiar with its constructive – absolutely nothing new is offered here. A pair of pressure plates between which a spring-loaded ceramic plate is clamped.

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