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How Does LTQ Vapor Aurora Capture The Hearts of Bongs Enthusiasts?

Good news! Good news for bongs enthusiasts! LTQ Vapor has recently launched a new bong. Ltq vapor aurora kit is an innovative and advanced glass bong. It no longer tries to restore the appearance of the old bong on dry herb, but makes a bold breakthrough, adding many new elements and technologies, which makes it more decomposed and younger.

First of all, the decomposition feature is reflected in its structural complexity and operational simplicity. It is composed of five parts, equipped with one neck, three percolators, one light metal base, one bowl, and one brush to clean. Although each part is fragmented, disassembly and assembly are very simple, which also facilitates cleaning and portability.

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Secondly, the percolators of this dry herb vaporizer have three beautiful colors of pink, blue and green, and each layer is equipped with colorful LED lights. You can freely choose your preferred color from white, red, green, blue and yellow through the button on the base. The transparent glass neck presents a cool effect under the gorgeous lights. Whether it is day or night, its stylish design will make you the most admired person.

Last but not least, how should we use it? It’s very simple. You just need to open the cover of the base and put in two pieces “AAA” batteries, pour water into the red line mark in the percolator, put in the dry herb, wait for a while, and you can enjoy the blissful vaping experience. By the way, don’t forget to clear the chamber after hit from time to time, so that it will feel more like a traditional bong session.

It is no exaggeration to say that the ltq vapor aurora kit glass bong is a product that will amaze you. You can easily buy it in the online vape store, and a large number of discount codes make your shopping cheap and affordable. Let’s take a look together!

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